The Padron Family

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Robert Padron
Founder | President

Founder of Padron Flooring in 1979. Padron has over forty (40) years of experience, he attributes his success to “Hard Work! Work Hard! Keep Working!”  Mr. Padron is proud that his children continue to carry the legacy of integrity, respect and commitment to customer satisfaction while he enjoys playing with his grandchildren.

Marta Padron
Owner | Partner

Marta’s first memory of Padron Flooring was meeting her husband, Robert. A close friend recommended the company to help Marta purchase carpeting for her parents’ home. Over thirty years later, Mrs. Padron watches the Padron grandchildren being filmed for the recent television ads and knows that all of the hard work was worthwhile.  

Alisa Padron

Alisa Padron

Alisa has very fond memories as a child of hiding under the carpet samples with her brother and cousins, running out for Slurpees while her father worked the PFDC showroom. Padron Flooring and Design Center was a key part of Alisa’s upbringing not to mention her business savvy professional drive.

After finishing a business degree from Penn State, Alisa Padron returned home to her family’s flooring company in South Florida. Alisa now revels in developing the business from supply side to the customer experience.  

Alisa fondly recounts the first time she developed a full product line and the container arrived at the PFDC showroom.  Building the new location symbolized a renewal for the Padron Family as the second generation honors their father’s work and passion for the business.

Now, Alisa enjoys watching her own two children playing in the family business as she and her brother once did.

Daniel Padron

Daniel Padron

Having worked in his family’s company since 2006, Daniel remembers hiding and sleeping under the carpet sample racks at the original showroom in his childhood. 

Daniel, a Northwestern graduate, now takes care that each customer has a personal experience at every step of the process from beginning to end.  “I take it personally that the customers are treated the way we all want to be treated.”