Different Types of Marble Tiles

November 09, 2022 1 min read

Marble tiles vary depending on your usage and the functionality required by your space. Educating yourself first with different marble tiles is necessary to pick out the right one. Here are the most common marble tiles in the market:

  • Polished Marble - This type is highly polished to a sheen. It lets the grains and colours of the marble pop more. However, it is slippery due to its polished surface. 

  • Honed Marble- The surface of this one is less polished and slightly rough. Its sheen is not the same as the polished marble. This is suitable for high-traffic and wet areas. 

  • Tumbled Marble - This type gives your space a more rustic look because of its slightly worn look on the surface. This is achieved by having the marble tumble with rocks.