Keeping Your Marble Floors Palm Beach in Top Shape

November 09, 2022 1 min read

Marble floors Palm Beach are nature’s beauty, and they provide your homes with the sophistication you never knew you needed. However, this beauty comes with a price, and that price involves a delicate and careful way of cleaning it. Here are tips to help you keep your marble floors brand new:

  • Steer away from harsh cleaners - Marbles are naturally porous, and strong, acidic solutions tend to damage the surface of marble.

  • Use only soft cloths - The use of soft cloths ensures that your marble is cleaned gently and polished the right way.

  • Avoid using vacuum cleaners - Hard cleaning is not necessary for marble flooring, and a gentle wipe always does the trick.

  • Address spills or stains immediately - Stains easily stick to marble when not dealt with fast. Using a soft cloth is sufficient to remove them.