Maintaining Your Porcelain Tiles

November 09, 2022 1 min read

Resistance to stains, moisture, liquid and mold is one of the key features of porcelain tiles. This is attributable to the fact that porcelain tiles are compact and less porous. As such, they require minimal cleaning. Here are tips to keep your porcelain tiles in top shape with the least amount of effort:

  • Use room temperature water or warm water - since it is durable in varying temperatures, you can use room temperature water or hot water depending on your liking.

  • Use mild detergent or mild disinfectant solutions - it is important to note that porcelain tile in itself is highly resistant to strong chemicals, but the grout between the tiles is not. It is safe to use mild cleaning solutions to ensure that both grout and the tiles are being handled appropriately.

  • Use vacuum cleaners - vacuum cleaners are convenient if you don’t have the luxury of time to mop your floor. As true as it gets, porcelain tiles are less likely to be stained, so it takes little effort to clean them.