Tele Di Marmo Revolution Collection

Tele di Marmo Revolution is inspired by the colors of nature, in a journey from the pure white of the Cyclades to the infinite blues of the great marble cathedrals of South America: light, modulated through natural finishes such as semi-polishing, is always central. The greek island of Thassos gives us the calcite white, which adorns porcelain stoneware with the pristine pallor of the classical age. 

The sophisticated elegance of black is expressed to the full in calacatta black, with luminous streams of greys, yellows, and browns flowing across its surface. And to conclude, blue is the inspiration for the Patagonia variant, an anthem to the thousand hues of the general Carrera marble caves, between Argentina and Chile, from glacial bright blue to ethereal cobalt.  A classical theme with multiple meanings, the acanthus leaf is the powerful protagonist of this new variant, characterized by a subtle balance of shades and exquisitely perfect details. 

This highly expressive and symbolic decor makes Tele di Marmo Revolution a complete, versatile offering, in which vein patterns, reflections, and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art.

Available Sizes:
47x109, 24x48, 64x126, 36x36
All sizes are nominal.

Available Shades & Styles