Wood Style Floors Wellington

November 09, 2022 2 min read

There are many homeowners who want the appearance, elegance, and durability of hardwood but do not want the high maintenance of this flooring material. Wood Style Floors Wellington is the best alternative to this without breaking the bank. Wood style floors mimic hardwood floors but use porcelain tiles that can emulate the coloring, grain, and the texture of popular wood styles.

For those who value durability, classic appeal, and value, Wood Style Floors Wellington is the best flooring option. It offers several other benefits including providing sound and environment-friendly insulation. It is also long-lasting and can endure heavy foot traffic in busy areas of the home. Since it comes in different styles and variety, you can definitely find one that suits the look of your home.

Padron Flooring: Perfect Flooring Options For Your Space

If you are looking for high-quality, family friendly service right in your hometown, Padron Flooring is here for you. The Padron Flooring Design team collaborates with each customer to create beautifully designed spaces. In our forty years, we have built lasting relationships within our community and clients. Providing flooring expertise in our hometown allows us to see our customers evolve from their first house to their dream house.

We continually work with our commercial and residential clients to add a statement that makes each building or home a beautiful part of the South Florida skyline. The unique difference at Padron Flooring & Design Center is that our family and our design team are rooted here in South Florida. At Padron Flooring we match high end design with a family friendly feel.

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Porcelain tiles that look like solid hardwood floors offer a great alternative to homeowners who want durable and elegant flooring. Wood Style Floors Wellington looks just like wood and is resistant to scratches. It can also be used in different areas at home, including the kitchen and even the patio. If you want to know more about this versatile flooring, feel free to contact Padron Flooring now for more information.