How To Keep Your Wood Style Floors Looking Like New

November 09, 2022 1 min read

If you choose wood tile porcelain flooring instead, you will find that cleanup and maintenance is a breeze. Here is how you can keep your wood style floors in pristine condition:

  • Simply running a vacuum cleaner with a “hard floor” or “auto” setting over the tiles will keep your wood look tile floors looking great. Depending on the width and depth of your grout lines, you may want to vacuum in a crosshatch pattern to remove all the dust and grit. 

  • For easy cleanup, consider using a rubber broom. These brooms have short rubber bristles that attract pet hair effortlessly.

  • Occasional mopping your floor is recommended to remove any dirt or grime that sweeping has left behind. To keep your floors clean, be sure to vacuum up any loose dirt and dust before introducing cleaning with a mop. Otherwise, you may just create a thin film of mud on your beautiful floors.

  • When dampening your mop, make sure that you wring out as much of the solution as possible; you don’t have to saturate your floor to get it clean. When you’ve finished mopping, dry the floor by using a dry mop or place a clean, dry towel over the mop for a quick once over.